I am, today, making a clear and solemn pledge that I will vote
with the intention of electing candidates whom I consider,
individually or through their party allegiance,
to aid or to be useful to the objective
of keeping the UK a full member of the European Union,
and that I will work actively to support such candidates
wherever and whenever I
In the name of true Democracy!

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The information entered here will be kept in a secure database and will only be used for the purposes of our campaign. Vote for Europe and its associates will not divulge, sell, give access or in any way allow a third party to use the information in our database.

If you live outside the UK and can vote, even if only at local Council elections, you can enter the postcode of the Constituency to which you send your postal vote, or the one you use when visiting home. If you don’t know the full post code, the first part (like WC1A, for example) will be enough.

Here is why we all need to sign the Pledge:

The Pledge is designed to make MPs fear for their jobs and to get candidates to think very seriously about their promises.

We have a list of suggested candidates for each seat in Parliament.
When we have enough Pledges, we’ll map them to the Constituencies. No names named, just the numbers.
That will be enough to give strong support to the good guys, and insomnia to the baddies.

Sign the Pledge. Get ten friends to sign the pledge. Repeat. If people are willing, it takes one week – only seven days – to reach 10,000,000. More than enough to turn around any Parliament, but only you can do it!

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